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Sep 2018 (3 weeks)

Graduate Course Teamwork

With the prevalence of sensor-based smartphone apps, mobile data privacy is getting more and more complex.


This project is a most important part in my UX course which is Curated Narrative for Dynamic Content. In this project, we need to study the skill of storytelling and also try to find an amazing idea and solution with the user story.


This is a group project, there were two designers in each team. I worked with my partner Joe to research, ideate, design, and prototype our version.

 Play the MVP 

" Everything starts with a story. "


The word "data leakage" is always in front of our eyes, all over the world are troubled by data leakage incidents.

In current Android OS, apps tell you what permissions they are using (e.g. location, camera), but they don't tell you:

1.  Why they are using those permissions (eg, advertisement).

2. How can you close those permission options immediately?

In this project, we are building a future in which users can know all those information.


Adams is a manager at a law company, he likes to use Twitter and other social media to keep up to date on general world news, but at the same time is concerned that social media and other applications. One day, he was browsing the news on social media as usual. Then he finds terrible news that is about Privacy Leak. Some companies were trying to sell user's data, so he wants to turn off the privacy from all of the applications immediately, then he just opening every application and trying to find where the Privacy option is. Actually, the problem was coming, the privacy option was hard to find, and also it took him a lot of time. Finally, he just closed the privacy option from some important applications.


Next day, he was going to watch a football match, during that match he wants to take a picture and post it on an application, but when he was opening that application, he can not take a picture, because he already closed the privacy option, about the location, the camera, the audio were not working in this application, then he had to find where the privacy option is. Unfortunately, he missed a great time to take a picture.



People worry about the privacy leak issues in their phone.


Privacy setting is hard to find in each application.


The user wouldn’t know how to protect their private 


Privacy setting cannot customize in the android phone easily.

Jump into the box

To Find the truth behind the problems.



For customization

For targeted ads

Third party AD company


Object recognition

Read barcodes / QR code

Social Network

  • Facebook Social Icon
  • Instagram Social Icon
  • Twitter Social Icon


Phone number



We want to create an app to protect the user's private data that makes it more simple, visible and accessible.

From the storytelling and study conducted, we narrowed down our focus to three brag points of product: Monitoring, customizing and fixing.



Monitoring your privacy leak in Android OS. 

Helping you to check the potential privacy issues every day.


Customize your privacy setting easily.

Building an easy way to let you control the privacy setting.


Fix your privacy issues quickly.


Got the privacy issues, then automatically fix the issues.



​We tested user flows, patterns and multiple rounds of research from define privacy leakage to fix privacy and rapid revise, using paper prototypes.

We can only expect behavioural change after emotional and cognitive change. After all, the goal is to help users best protect their mobile privacy.

On boarding tutorial


Conceptual testings with 4 users helped us to improve the 

We created the high fidelity interactive version to let our interviewee experience the Privacer, and collected the feedback and advice from them. Fortunately, we get many useful suggestions to improve our work. 

Tao, 28, Business Manager

  The navigation bar of Privacer makes me confused, just the current option present the name of the navigation. 
Sometimes I would miss the meaning of icons if without names, especially in the application which I used at the first time.


  The function of frequently used is useful that I can access the application which I often used easily and quickly, also the recommended setting is convenience and efficiency. 


•  It was hard to find the app which I want to set in the Permissions and Purposes list page because I have almost 100 apps on my phone. Create a category or filter of applications might be helpful to let people get the right one easily.


After we completed the usability test of this prototype, we got a lot of useful feedback from our interviewees, then we pushed it to a touchable way and iterated the original version, while tried to make this MVP easy to access and use.



We created an onboarding tutorial to educate users of their data privacy, introducing the concept of permissions, purposes, and third-party libraries. Users were able to have a much more clear mental model when they go into settings.



User can customize the privacy setting of applications what they want. It is easy that user could set and give the permission or not to the data.



Provides one-key to inspect of data privacy leaks and afford the result of the service condition, user could select the what data privacy they want to fix and set. 



It shows the applications what people frequently used, people can set the data easily and quickly. Also, people could customize and add the application they want in this part.


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