Security Monitoring Platform



Apr - Jun 2017 ( 2 months)

Project for SediReco Technology of AI

This is a project collaborate with the public security department, aims to deeply integrate AI (Face Recognition) and data structure of security platform and provide services for government and public security department from hardware to algorithm platforms and data. 


My role is to use research to build a holistic framework for the platform, design visual effect, and achieve data visualization ultimately.

Parallel Lines




How to achieve effective monitoring of public security?

The scope of this surveillance includes the people who have a criminal record, the place where a crime may be committed, and crime prevention


Find out about the needs of the target users

Monitor data and get alerts in real time, and focus on those who have a criminal record​

Train, bus station and hotel implement double verifica-tion of ID and face recogni-tion 

Through capture for face recogni-tion and photo matches to pursuit of the criminal

We interviewed the security staffs who use the platform to gain an understanding of the immediate needs. We use targeted questions to elicit their needs, behaviors and pain points.


Based on the analysis of the interview, we learned that the core requirement of being a public safety department is that they can get real-time monitor and prevent crime in advance.


Reframe the display of information

We want a better monitoring experience. The easy answer would be, let's make the monitoring process easier. The ultimate goal for security department is to get the situation as fast as they can from the monitor platform. 


Four parts

The solution encourages informed decision making and relationship building

Collect and analyze users' usage habits and frequency of use, transfer and hide functions that are uncommonly used, integrate and group commonly used functions.

Our solution helps the staff of security department to make the best out of our platform in two ways:

1. Focus on key monitored data 
2. Upload the photo to locate the criminal by facial recognition

I designed the UI of our solution: Monitor platform.

Data Visualization

Through three different ways of data visualization to express data clearly, and the target users can be enable to read information faster and more easily.

Monitor Criminal Blacklisters

Displaying criminals who are mainly monitored, especially fugitives, and list the data of those who have recorded criminal records today.

Real-time Dynamic Display

Dynamically and sequentially display the data of all monitoring areas, users can more easily know the general monitoring status of each area.

Search the Criminal

Upload the photo and personal information to search and locate of criminals in all monitored record by using facial recognition.


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