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Self-guided tour application



March 2016 ( 2 weeks)

Personal Project

Travel is an essential part of the holiday, but the programs that follow the group tour are all stereotyped. If we choose self-guided tour it may still miss out the local specialities even with many plans. I look forward to building a platform where the locals of the destination could lead the tourists to deep play and experience the local specialities. So that tourists could get more in-depth and more interesting travel experience.

Sitemap of the latest iteration


Personal experience from travel

I am a self-guided tour and food lover, but I often encounter various problems during my travels. find lots of travel tips but eventually given up due to crowds; looking for delicious food but often disappointed; Rarely able to experience the real local life. I especially look forward to having one person who takes me to experience life and look for food in every city.


People didn’t even know what to look, the route or the local features

From research with users, I learned that if they really like deeply know a city or a place unless have a local good friend. Many of the travel tips and informations from internet are mostly superficial.


Find a common ground in user goals and business goals

The vision I have for Tripper is to help people deeply play and experience one to one through posting events and activities by local people. Users expect to spend a little time of preparation and enjoy their trips with ease.


Based on the key goals we defined, we could came up with the following features that provide the most value to users:

  • Search or filter destinations and interested experience

  • See the sponsor information and activities information

  • Sponsor as a personal guide to lead the experience

  • The sponsor offers a range of arrangements including accommodation and food besides the events

  • See the comment content


Use left and right switching on the homepage to expand the display space

Based on priority display informations in the activities interface, including the activity label, title, price and rating

What information do users want to get the event details page? Is initiator reliable? What’s the activities schedule? Based on the research I decide to group and integrate information to users at a more feasible level  

Using the form of time flow for the user's historical activities, it will be presented for users to find and recall better


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