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Electronic Health Record platform for

Cantata Health


2020 July

Project for Cantata Health

This project is an EHR system for Cantata Health. The EHR means Electronic Health Record, it contains personal health information of the present and the past. Besides, electronic health records can also include the care plan, medical treatment, demographic data, and other non-medical management data, etc. These records can be shared across different health care settings, through network-connected, or other information networks and exchanges. 

My role in this project was leading the design, optimizing the user flow, reorganizing the information structure, redesigning the interfaces and creating the style guide. 


The current system is an extremely old system, the cost of learning for new users is very high. There are three major areas that the system is lacking.

Usability Lacking

Chaotic navigation, information overload everywhere

Inefficiency Workflow

Doesn't have a smoothly transition between the pages and each step

UI Consistency

Old UI style and hard to access to many function 


The system has chaotic navigation, inefficient workflow and disordered information structure. So the biggest challenge I faced upfront is that:

How an inefficient workflow can be improved?

How to optimize the information structure of the system?

Hospital Staff


Based on user research and competitive analysis, include the following features that provide the most value to users in the platform:

Reorganize the Navigation

Put the primary similar function as a group, and transfer the secondary function

Simplify the Workflow

Based on user research to find the real need of each page and steps, and make the user flow more intuitive and accessible

Reduce Information Overload

Based on the research and feedback to make the decisions to order the information and cut the info that not necessary

Module & Gride Design

Use the module design to make the website more customized and easy to develop for the engineer to reuse the module.




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